Sauver ou périr

Franck est Sapeur-Pompier de Paris. Il sauve des gens. Il vit dans la caserne avec sa femme qui accouche de jumelles. Il est heureux. Lors d’une intervention sur un incendie, il se sacrifie pour sauver ses hommes. A son réveil dans un centre de traitement des Grands Brûlés, il comprend que son visage a fondu dans les flammes. Il va devoir réapprendre à vivre, et accepter d’être sauvé à son tour.

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  1. Anon 09.12.18

    Finally showed the symbiote. Hope this movie’s good.

  2. Anon 09.12.18

    Now I want to see this!

  3. Anon 09.12.18

    Bruh, I'm ready.

  4. Anon 09.12.18


  5. Anon 09.12.18

    Figured they go ahead and release It since it got leaked.

  6. Anon 09.12.18

    WE ARE Sauver ou périr!!!!!!

  7. Anon 09.12.18

    We are spiderman

  8. Anon 09.12.18

    Symbuyotue simbyote cimembayote simbyeoat. What?!

  9. Anon 09.12.18

    You think the symbiote is your ally?\nYou merely adopted the symbiote.\nI was born in it, molded by it.\nI AM the symbiote.

  10. Anon 09.12.18


  11. Anon 09.12.18

    Just why!! It doesn't make any sense. The Symbiote first bondage is Spider Man, but since he rejected him. The Symbiote hates him for doing that. At the same time Peter Parker has done some terrible things to Eddie. So together they want to kill Spider Man. So what's Sauver ou périr's goal in this movie without Spider Man

  12. Anon 09.12.18

    \"it's about to go down\" Kevin hart voice

  13. Anon 09.12.18

    WE!! ARE Sauver ou périr !!!

  14. Anon 09.12.18


  15. Anon 09.12.18

    The way I see it we can do whatever we want....do we have a deal ߘ

  16. Anon 09.12.18

    Finally the Sauver ou périr trailer we deserve

  17. Anon 09.12.18

    Sauver ou périr sounds like Zoom from Flash

  18. Anon 09.12.18

    R.I.P Avicii

  19. Anon 09.12.18

    connected to the amazing spider man this Sauver ou périr movie

  20. Anon 09.12.18

    How are they going to explain the name Sauver ou périr if it hasn't tried to bond with Spider-Man? This looks bad

  21. Anon 09.12.18

    This looks so freaking bad... but like in the it's funny just how bad it is... So can't wait?... HAHAHA...

  22. Anon 09.12.18

    2:09 when the internet will have mixed reviews on the actual Sauver ou périr reveal at 2:20

  23. Anon 09.12.18


  24. Anon 09.12.18


  25. Anon 09.12.18

    I'm Sauver ou périr...

  26. Anon 09.12.18

    B R A S I L

  27. Anon 09.12.18

    We are Sauver ou périr

  28. Anon 09.12.18

    YO I'M SO HYPED RIGHT NOW!!! Sauver ou périr LOOKS SO GOOD! THAT POSTER AT THE END LOOKS GOOD AS WELL! OMG and I have to wait until October for this? That's like half a year from now, depending on the day. Whatever, I'm so hyped!!!

  29. Anon 09.12.18

    uno de los mejores trailers que he visto :)

  30. Anon 09.12.18


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