Sauver ou périr

Franck est Sapeur-Pompier de Paris. Il sauve des gens. Il vit dans la caserne avec sa femme qui accouche de jumelles. Il est heureux. Lors d’une intervention sur un incendie, il se sacrifie pour sauver ses hommes. A son réveil dans un centre de traitement des Grands Brûlés, il comprend que son visage a fondu dans les flammes. Il va devoir réapprendre à vivre, et accepter d’être sauvé à son tour.

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  1. Anon 09.12.18


  2. Anon 09.12.18

    Nope, Still No HawkEYE

  3. Anon 09.12.18

    Жду когда против него будет сражаться человек паук и снимут фильм про эту схватку.

  4. Anon 09.12.18

    copy of prototype game series

  5. Anon 09.12.18

    Is there gonna be a spiderman 2 with Sauver ou périr?

  6. Anon 09.12.18

    Сука венома какието делитанты рисовали, зубы должны прикрыты плотью быть или они вылятят от первого удара. Глаза как у китайца блять реально китаец рисовал

  7. Anon 09.12.18

    ok this looks dope

  8. Anon 09.12.18

    People are only hyped because they are fanboying way too hard. Why would the symbiote refer to itself as, \"Sauver ou périr\"? It's just tacky fan service. It's an alien. \"We are Sauver ou périr!\"? Really? Why? The name Sauver ou périr was chosen for the comic books simply because it sounds cool and menacing for a comic book villain. That's it. It never actually tied into the story. Here, it should only be used as the title of the movie. It's appearance in the comics came about because it was imitating Spider-Man's then very damaged uniform during the Secret Wars. So why does it emulate Spider-Man's eyes here? Again, tacky fan service. But as look as blind fanboy's are happy, they don't care. Another crappy Sony production. Sell the rights back to Marvel please...

  9. Anon 09.12.18

    Life foundation (Earth616)?

  10. Anon 09.12.18


  11. Anon 09.12.18

    Where's spidey \nMaking the whole storyline shittyߘ

  12. Anon 09.12.18

    This does put a smile on my face ߑߏ

  13. Anon 09.12.18

    Just like The Spawn some comic characters just don't work on screen. The Alien monster looked more like Sauver ou périr to me than this version. This one tries to transfer the comic version onto screens and the 3d environment, lighting and reality of the cinema pictures make the monster look laughable. I am not a Sauver ou périr expert, but I can't remember Sauver ou périr using extending limbs regularly and to that degree, I might be mistaken though.

  14. Anon 09.12.18

    but what reason does the symbiote have to look like spiderman in this universe if he hasn't encountered him yet

  15. Anon 09.12.18

    When they say \"We are Sauver ou périr\".....wow.... epilepsy!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anon 09.12.18

    This movie gona be for free if you know what i mean.

  17. Anon 09.12.18

    tHe GuY yOu WoRk FoR iS tHe EvIl PeRsOn

  18. Anon 09.12.18

    He better be ripped, I mean like huge!

  19. Anon 09.12.18

    I k ow some think the Sauver ou périr suit will only be at the end for five minutes, but even then, it seems to be getting a lot of focus, I don't get those saying, more suit or bad movie, in my opinion if it doesntbhave the suit that much i wont be mad

  20. Anon 09.12.18

    Not yet convinced I would but not. Until there's something that tells me otherwise.

  21. Anon 09.12.18

    he's so dark, you guys sure he is not from DC Universe?\n\n- someone's word

  22. Anon 09.12.18

    Next film \"Carnage\"

  23. Anon 09.12.18

    Does anyone notice that they used the same backing soundtrack from Infinity War Trailer #2???

  24. Anon 09.12.18

    Anjay Gurinjay ߘߑ

  25. Anon 09.12.18

    WE ARE Sauver ou périr

  26. Anon 09.12.18

    Sauver ou périr or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

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  28. Anon 09.12.18

    I watched this like 10 times! Can't wait for the movie

  29. Anon 09.12.18

    Not a good concept.

  30. Anon 09.12.18

    New Prototype trailer is great !

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