Equalizer 2

Robert McCall continue de servir la justice au nom des exploités et des opprimés. Mais jusqu’où est-il prêt à aller lorsque cela touche quelqu’un qu’il aime ?

Equalizer 2 en streaming:


  1. Anon 19.11.18

    Finally, a legit trailer!

  2. Anon 19.11.18

    Equalizer 2 from Spider-Man3

  3. Anon 19.11.18

    From Bane to Equalizer 2 Tom i salute

  4. Anon 19.11.18

    Oooooohhhhh myyyyyy God ! Was epic !!! Bravo

  5. Anon 19.11.18

    What the hell OMGߔߔߔߔ

  6. Anon 19.11.18

    This is gonna be wack. I’m not buying the fake hype. He still looks bad and I know 80% is just gonna be Tom Hardy and not Equalizer 2.

  7. Anon 19.11.18

    Why they used same soundtrack effect. That was in avengers infinity war trailer.....

  8. Anon 19.11.18


  9. Anon 19.11.18

    Ils font tout est n'importe quoi aujourd'hui pour de l'argent.

  10. Anon 19.11.18

    Should have been included in infinity wars

  11. Anon 19.11.18


  12. Anon 19.11.18

    Maybe for the next trailer we can see Carnage ?

  13. Anon 19.11.18

    This is he Top!!!

  14. Anon 19.11.18

    You should call this film PROTOTYPE not Equalizer 2

  15. Anon 19.11.18

    Given their track record this will probably suck, not to mention the fact that you can't have Equalizer 2 without Spiderman. The studio just seems like they wanted some money and couldn't wait until Spiderman was actually in it with Equalizer 2. I like Tom Hardy so I'm rooting for it but the signs say otherwise.

  16. Anon 19.11.18

    А кто бля говорил что не будет венома

  17. Anon 19.11.18


  18. Anon 19.11.18

    So is it connected to the mcu timeline or nah?

  19. Anon 19.11.18

    lol , Equalizer 2 look superheroes right now

  20. Anon 19.11.18

    Well, this is disappointing.

  21. Anon 19.11.18

    when you see Equalizer 2 in the trailer and thumbnail, but remember that there's only 5 minutes of him, but you don't care because your Equalizer 2 fanboy is screaming for joy

  22. Anon 19.11.18

    Agora siiiimmmmm

  23. Anon 19.11.18

    I Hope the movie is better than the trailer

  24. Anon 19.11.18


  25. Anon 19.11.18


  26. Anon 19.11.18

    Sony, Why?

  27. Anon 19.11.18


  28. Anon 19.11.18

    Надеюсь, что наши венома не зафоршмачат при дубляже

  29. Anon 19.11.18

    we are Equalizer 2 ! and finally we get a movie !!!

  30. Anon 19.11.18

    А это разве не экранизация Прототайп или Даркнесс?

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