Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel raconte l’histoire de Carol Danvers qui va devenir l’une des super-héroïnes les plus puissantes de l’univers lorsque la Terre se révèle l’enjeu d’une guerre galactique entre deux races extraterrestres.

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  1. Anon 19.11.18

    Dream casting for Carnage anyone?

  2. Anon 19.11.18

    Wow this looks like crap

  3. Anon 19.11.18

    You should be extremely afraid ߘ

  4. Anon 19.11.18

    I like that smile

  5. Anon 19.11.18

    Wait!...How does Captain Marvel get Spidey's powers? I mean the Symbiote needs a host In order to get his powers like S-3 When he was with spidey and Changing his behavior and when he was rejected he got his powers by Shape shifting, And are gonna see the Spidey symbol on him? Captain Marvel is gonna Eat that guy which I forgot to mention...The Symbiote needs a Substance that would feed the Symbiote and not the host, Basiclly Captain Marvel is a cannibal and He eats Fungi, Chocolate and Brains, Which makes Captain Marvel a Anti-hero Zombie because Captain Marvel is a Cannibal, Like if u agree ;D

  6. Anon 19.11.18

    I should call it the Captain Marvelverse!

  7. Anon 19.11.18

    We Are Captain Marvel

  8. Anon 19.11.18

    Just show me carnage

  9. Anon 19.11.18

    YES!! I LOVE Captain Marvel!

  10. Anon 19.11.18


  11. Anon 19.11.18

    Who here would like Captain Marvel, and a whole series based on it, or cod bo4 to come out if only one could?

  12. Anon 19.11.18

    Hola me suscribo alas personas que den like a este comentario y se suscriban a mi canal

  13. Anon 19.11.18


  14. Anon 19.11.18


  15. Anon 19.11.18

    All 24000 of DC's employees were forced to dislike this.

  16. Anon 19.11.18

    We are Captain Marvel..

  17. Anon 19.11.18

    Creo qe vaser mas vista qe infiniti war onose ja

  18. Anon 19.11.18


  19. Anon 19.11.18

    Tom holland vs this Captain Marvel. Seems legit

  20. Anon 19.11.18

    Sin thi oat u should make carnage

  21. Anon 19.11.18

    Captain Marvels a big guy.

  22. Anon 19.11.18

    Tongue should have been more red and teeth should have been pearly white. You mean the symbyote can handle some cavities and bacteria lol

  23. Anon 19.11.18

    Hearing Tom Hardy trying to do an American accent is weird.

  24. Anon 19.11.18

    Yup! This looks amazing.

  25. Anon 19.11.18

    So the lady said she works at the Life Foundation, so Is this movie connected to Life or not?

  26. Anon 19.11.18

    orgasm 2:20 :V

  27. Anon 19.11.18

    Is the voice out of sync for anyone else? It seems to keep happening with this trailer. So anyoying!

  28. Anon 19.11.18

    Cant wait

  29. Anon 19.11.18


  30. Anon 19.11.18

    So Tom Hardy is the voice of both Bane and Captain Marvel\n\nI honestly think that having Tom Hardy (I think he voices Captain Marvel as well) voice Captain Marvel is really smart as if Captain Marvel hasn’t had a host yet it would basically try and attach itself as much as possible to Eddie Ie having his voice

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