Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody retrace le destin extraordinaire du groupe Queen et de leur chanteur emblématique Freddie Mercury, qui a défié les stéréotypes, brisé les conventions et révolutionné la musique. Du succès fulgurant de Freddie Mercury à ses excès, risquant la quasi-implosion du groupe, jusqu’à son retour triomphal sur scène lors du concert Live Aid, alors qu’il était frappé par la maladie, découvrez la vie exceptionnelle d’un homme qui continue d’inspirer les outsiders, les rêveurs et tous ceux qui aiment la musique.

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  1. Anon 09.12.18

    Who is the villian gonna be for this movie?isn't it carnage?

  2. Anon 09.12.18

    Feels like I saw the whole movie. Thanks!

  3. Anon 09.12.18

    We are Bohemian Rhapsody ߘ ❤

  4. Anon 09.12.18


  5. Anon 09.12.18

    I only have 1 thing to say \n\n\n\n\n..... badass

  6. Anon 09.12.18

    Ok this is epic

  7. Anon 09.12.18

    Well this is epic...And Tom Hardy Is Perfect... ߑߑ

  8. Anon 09.12.18


  9. Anon 09.12.18

    I am shook

  10. Anon 09.12.18

    .......Praise Marvel!! This a great year for marvel!! Down with DC!!

  11. Anon 09.12.18

    # we re Bohemian Rhapsody oct 5 2018

  12. Anon 09.12.18

    Love how it’s now In Association with Marvel now

  13. Anon 09.12.18


  14. Anon 09.12.18

    Ееееее! Отлично!

  15. Anon 09.12.18

    Looks kinda bad honestly

  16. Anon 09.12.18

    this sounds like the IW theme

  17. Anon 09.12.18

    so,spider univer?

  18. Anon 09.12.18

    This is awsome

  19. Anon 09.12.18

    I think I just creamed myself

  20. Anon 09.12.18

    Where is spooder man

  21. Anon 09.12.18

    Looks boring asf

  22. Anon 09.12.18

    Had a sudden flash back of Prototype. Lol\n\nStill, I'm curious. Hopefully we'll get to see more of Bohemian Rhapsody than we did Godzilla.

  23. Anon 09.12.18

    His accent is terrible.

  24. Anon 09.12.18

    Story seems alright.I am going to watch it

  25. Anon 09.12.18

    They have til October to finish the cgi for Haters!!

  26. Anon 09.12.18

    No Eddie, we are ...THE FLASH

  27. Anon 09.12.18

    Talking to myself: Don't give Sony your money, don't give sony your money, don't give sony your money... aww f**k it! Have my money!

  28. Anon 09.12.18

    Sets after infinity war

  29. Anon 09.12.18

    not effective... get ready for another disaster

  30. Anon 09.12.18

    I would be more excited if it was related to a Spiderman film :/

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