Donnie Brasco

En 1978 a New York, l'agent special Joe Pistone est designe par le FBI pour infiltrer le clan Bonanno, une des familles les plus puissantes de la cote Est. Il contacte un modeste porte-flingue de l'organisation, Lefty Ruggiero, aupres duquel il se fait passer pour un specialiste en joaillerie du nom de Donnie Brasco. Coupe de son milieu, Donnie va peu a peu s'identifier a ceux qu'il doit detruire.

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  1. Anon 11.12.18

    He looks sweet

  2. Anon 11.12.18

    It’s Sym-Bee-Oat\n\nNot Sim-Bye-Oat

  3. Anon 11.12.18

    When you thought Facebook's calamity was more important

  4. Anon 11.12.18

    I think people have even higher expectations on this movie than any other Spiderman related movie, and i believe (Even though it's not 100% storyline guided) it will be great, iWe have a nice introduction to Eddie Brock as a reporter (like in comics), the symbiotes (i feel awkward when they say it like that), and a Cool design for the character and a similar voice to the one of the 90's spiderman (i was expecting a deep voice like that and i'm not dissapointed)I hope they dont screw this up... I'm fan but it's my opinion... i Won't be bothered if you reply angrily :) Thanks and let's keep waiting until it comes out on the Cinema. Sony: by now i'm not dissapointed

  5. Anon 11.12.18

    Oh my god is crazy!

  6. Anon 11.12.18

    Jizzed a little

  7. Anon 11.12.18


  8. Anon 11.12.18

    and spider man ?

  9. Anon 11.12.18

    That look like iron mans old house 1:01

  10. Anon 11.12.18

    I peed a little bit when I finally saw Donnie Brasco’s face

  11. Anon 11.12.18

    Donnie Brasco looks amazing!!!!

  12. Anon 11.12.18

    All disliken

  13. Anon 11.12.18

    I have a huge Spiderman fan as a friend and he probably can't wait

  14. Anon 11.12.18

    Omg omg omg All those Fan made AVM's are Real!

  15. Anon 11.12.18

    WE ARE Donnie Brasco!!!

  16. Anon 11.12.18

    hey thats not eric forman

  17. Anon 11.12.18

    Só lembrando que o palmeiras não tem mundial !!!

  18. Anon 11.12.18

    Doesn't spiderman get the suit first????

  19. Anon 11.12.18

    Is an Oscar going to be awarded to Tom Hardy for this \"Marvel movie?

  20. Anon 11.12.18

    Donnie Brasco AIN'T NO JOKE

  21. Anon 11.12.18

    Still waiting for carnage

  22. Anon 11.12.18

    #NoFear #Nodoubt

  23. Anon 11.12.18

    This trailer was the highlight of my day

  24. Anon 11.12.18

    يلعن شكله في يومين دق ال 21 مليون

  25. Anon 11.12.18

    ffs why do we have to wait until october -_-

  26. Anon 11.12.18


  27. Anon 11.12.18

    I didn't intend on seeing this movie, but after watching this trailer I'm rethinking it.

  28. Anon 11.12.18

    This is not what I was expecting. It looks terrible.

  29. Anon 11.12.18

    This is better than Spider-Man himself

  30. Anon 11.12.18

    Love Tom Hardy and I think he's one of the most capable actors of our time, but it's a bit of a let down to see him take such a cliche role in a \"super hero\" movie. I think he's worth much more than this. Hope this doesn't damage his respect.

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