Assassination Nation

Lily et ses trois meilleures amies, en terminale au lycée, évoluent dans un univers de selfies, d’emojis, de snapchats et de sextos. Mais lorsque Salem, la petite ville où elles vivent, se retrouve victime d’un piratage massif de données personnelles et que la vie privée de la moitié des habitants est faite publique, la communauté sombre dans le chaos. Lily est accusée d’être à l’origine du piratage et prise pour cible. Elle doit alors faire front avec ses camarades afin de survivre à une nuit sanglante et interminable.


  1. Anon 11.12.18

    He is late to join the war

  2. Anon 11.12.18

    Are you happy now internet?

  3. Anon 11.12.18

    \"what the hell are you??\"\n\"we are Assassination Nation\"\nbooommm .... !!!

  4. Anon 11.12.18

    Tom Hardy nailing it as usual.

  5. Anon 11.12.18

    Hey man there is no Assassination Nation without spiderman its a part of spiderman ߤߤߤ

  6. Anon 11.12.18

    we are Assassination Nation

  7. Anon 11.12.18

    The one thing the film is just getting wrong is the word that using it's actually symbiotes not symbols

  8. Anon 11.12.18

    Think what happens if Assassination Nation sticks hulk

  9. Anon 11.12.18

    Assassination Nation his powers is live groots powers but why is Assassination Nation not in infiny war?

  10. Anon 11.12.18

    Honestly, I LOVE Assassination Nation hes the best Anti-Hero in the whole Marvel Universum, but Assassination Nation doesnt look good in the Movie. Thats disgusting to see how bad they have created him

  11. Anon 11.12.18

    this soundrack is the avengers infinite war!!! comparación

  12. Anon 11.12.18

    Sym Bye Oat?\n\nWtf is with this pronunciation?

  13. Anon 11.12.18

    hahahaha black super hero

  14. Anon 11.12.18

    Do you think that Tom Hardy was a good choice ? ► #AllMoviesList \n#TomHardy #Assassination Nation

  15. Anon 11.12.18

    Looks alright

  16. Anon 11.12.18

    2:17 stop wasting time

  17. Anon 11.12.18

    this is a prototype

  18. Anon 11.12.18

    Bruh that Assassination Nation is pretty scary at the end.

  19. Anon 11.12.18

    we ARE Assassination Nation!!!

  20. Anon 11.12.18

    совсем засрали нам мозги...

  21. Anon 11.12.18


  22. Anon 11.12.18


  23. Anon 11.12.18

    Hopefully the allegation of Assassination Nation only being there for only a few seconds isn't true

  24. Anon 11.12.18

    Too much Assassination Nation ߘ

  25. Anon 11.12.18

    :÷,¥?\nHit like if u got it

  26. Anon 11.12.18


  27. Anon 11.12.18

    Assassination Nation will only see a couple minutes of screen time

  28. Anon 11.12.18

    ...mmmm...i don'ߑt think so

  29. Anon 11.12.18

    Dafuk, its really goooood

  30. Anon 11.12.18

    in 2 minutes 30k views

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