En liberté !

Yvonne jeune inspectrice de police, découvre que son mari, le capitaine Santi, héros local tombé au combat, n’était pas le flic courageux et intègre qu’elle croyait mais un véritable ripou. Déterminée à réparer les torts commis par ce dernier, elle va croiser le chemin d’Antoine injustement incarcéré par Santi pendant huit longues années. Une rencontre inattendue et folle qui va dynamiter leurs vies à tous les deux.


  1. Anon 11.12.18

    spider man will be in this

  2. Anon 11.12.18

    Is it symbiote or symbiote

  3. Anon 11.12.18

    What is the difference between ANTI-HERO and VILLIAN?

  4. Anon 11.12.18

    Simply Beautiful!

  5. Anon 11.12.18

    Is it me or is this just most of the film in the trailer?

  6. Anon 11.12.18


  7. Anon 11.12.18

    Bruh. Looks promising.

  8. Anon 11.12.18


  9. Anon 11.12.18

    Aww my bby En liberté ! he's so cyoot ^.^

  10. Anon 11.12.18


  11. Anon 11.12.18

    Sony pissing on another great character...

  12. Anon 11.12.18

    This looks like the En liberté ! we have been waiting for. Carnage had better be in this movie or at least the sequel.

  13. Anon 11.12.18

    Rim me En liberté ! daddy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Anon 11.12.18

    Пипец за каждый час 1 млн просмотров

  15. Anon 11.12.18

    vai ser toooop!

  16. Anon 11.12.18


  17. Anon 11.12.18

    adiciona like por favor

  18. Anon 11.12.18

    Why do people watch movies? It's weird. Who cares? People get so excited about stupid crap like this. You'll be dead one day. Who cares.

  19. Anon 11.12.18

    We..ARE En liberté !ߑߑߑߘ

  20. Anon 11.12.18

    gosh, i just hope they dont show eddie brock in his full suit at the very end of the movie

  21. Anon 11.12.18

    essas cenas estão fracas, mal dirigidas.... Estou torcendo para o filme dar certo e que não coloquem o símbolo da aranha ainda!

  22. Anon 11.12.18

    We are JOHN CENA!!!!!!

  23. Anon 11.12.18

    Stop trying to make your own different Spider Verses Sony, just stop

  24. Anon 11.12.18

    After 11 years it is finally happening

  25. Anon 11.12.18

    This was released 17 hours ago and already has 18 million views. WHAT!!! THATS INSANE

  26. Anon 11.12.18

    what else are they going to milk? Carnage?

  27. Anon 11.12.18

    Why is the background music the avengers infinity war trailer music?

  28. Anon 11.12.18


  29. Anon 11.12.18

    oo bby

  30. Anon 11.12.18

    Parece película de terror ߘ

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