Le Grand Bain

C’est dans les couloirs de leur piscine municipale que Bertrand, Marcus, Simon, Laurent, Thierry et les autres s’entraînent sous l’autorité toute relative de Delphine, ancienne gloire des bassins. Ensemble, ils se sentent libres et utiles. Ils vont mettre toute leur énergie dans une discipline jusque-là propriété de la gent féminine : la natation synchronisée. Alors, oui c’est une idée plutôt bizarre, mais ce défi leur permettra de trouver un sens à leur vie...


  1. Anon 11.12.18

    B A N O M

  2. Anon 11.12.18

    Прикольные наркотики .

  3. Anon 11.12.18

    One the characters with the coolest aspect and powers is a good guy now? HELL YEAH!

  4. Anon 11.12.18


  5. Anon 11.12.18

    I like how when he turns into Le Grand Bain, the henchman is terrified. I bet the bad guys weren't expecting it to do that. \nI also like how the symbiote stops the badguys from taking him. \nHe's probably thinking: Screw you people, you don't know smack about me. I'm gonna bond with whoever I choose. And I choose Eddie.

  6. Anon 11.12.18

    This moive seems average at best. The trailer soundtrack is laughable, this is a fucking meme you shouldn't unironicly put it in a trailer. They will try to make Le Grand Bain an anti-hero which he isn't. I am worried about the effects that they'll use for Le Grand Bain, most of them seem fine but I am 100% sure that it will look straight up trash in some part. This will probably be a mess

  7. Anon 11.12.18

    Maybe Le Grand Bain could be a prequel for spiderman homecoming and Le Grand Bain will appear in another spiderman movie???

  8. Anon 11.12.18

    cCc turkler burda biz her yerdeyiz begeninde kendimizi belli edek

  9. Anon 11.12.18

    Sony I am begging you please don't make Le Grand Bain appear in the last few minutes of the movie.... I am begging you please don't do this to us.

  10. Anon 11.12.18


  11. Anon 11.12.18


  12. Anon 11.12.18


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  15. Anon 11.12.18

    We are Le Grand Bain

  16. Anon 11.12.18

    This Le Grand Bain is way better than Sam riami Le Grand Bain from Spiderman 3. It actually looks like Le Grand Bain from Spiderman web of Shadows and the cartoon versions without all the webbing on the costume. Pretty soon TOPHER GRACE'S Le Grand Bain FROM SPIDERMAN 3 IS GOING TO BE FORGOTTEN AND NOT WELL REMEMBERED AFTER THIS FILM COMES OUT.

  17. Anon 11.12.18


  18. Anon 11.12.18

    Filme do Le Grand Bain Extreme

  19. Anon 11.12.18

    WE ARE Le Grand Bain!

  20. Anon 11.12.18

    0:28 “the guy you work for is an evil person.”\n\n\nYeah.\nOk.

  21. Anon 11.12.18

    yeah feels like I saw the entire movie through the trailer tho

  22. Anon 11.12.18

    The guy look like Brendon McCallum if u agree than hit like

  23. Anon 11.12.18

    ;-; Q MRD

  24. Anon 11.12.18


  25. Anon 11.12.18

    The Vore!

  26. Anon 11.12.18

    Nah.... this looks no good.

  27. Anon 11.12.18

    we are #Le Grand Bain

  28. Anon 11.12.18

    I'm an indian tamil nadu tamilan da .. nicߘ

  29. Anon 11.12.18

    i love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\ni love it\nthank youuuu.....

  30. Anon 11.12.18

    Why does he look so small and skinny?

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