The Reef

Eté 2010. Australie. Cinq amis partent en croisière pour des vacances de rêve. Mais lorsqu’ils font naufrage, le rêve vire au cauchemar : dans l’eau rôde une terrible menace…


  1. Anon 21.11.18

    It's the new Guyver!

  2. Anon 21.11.18

    peak two symbiotic fragments in different containers. CARNAGE CONFIRMED!!!!!!!

  3. Anon 21.11.18

    1:16 oh wait

  4. Anon 21.11.18

    Ух по моему это будет просто охуенно, в закреп однозначно

  5. Anon 21.11.18

    Owww yeaaaaaaa.....

  6. Anon 21.11.18

    Just by seen trailer the girl behind the cage has the symbiote and she passed it on to eddie Brock that's how he becomes The Reef

  7. Anon 21.11.18


  8. Anon 21.11.18

    I feel like it'll be Eddie just shooting the symbiote at people for 3/4 of the movie, and at the end he'll become The Reef.\nHere's to hoping I'm wrong.

  9. Anon 21.11.18

    1:13 oh hell no

  10. Anon 21.11.18

    The symbiote really does have a hold on him for I can understand what he is saying

  11. Anon 21.11.18

    Guy : who the hell are you? \nThe Reef : we are The Reef. \nMe : oh he dead boy.

  12. Anon 21.11.18

    se me paro el clitoris , al fin matara al hombre araña :) esto es un Dios

  13. Anon 21.11.18

    like where this is going,

  14. Anon 21.11.18

    Hit like if u r thinking what i am thinking

  15. Anon 21.11.18

    \"How you survived isn't important! That you survived is! For again, we are one! The one called -- The Reef And The Reef wants to play! \"

  16. Anon 21.11.18

    alright ill be the one to say it\nthis movie looks fkn trash

  17. Anon 21.11.18

    Its Sim-bi-ot not Sim-by-ot.

  18. Anon 21.11.18


  19. Anon 21.11.18

    Most evil super hero

  20. Anon 21.11.18

    Ждуууу Бля Топчик !!!

  21. Anon 21.11.18

    Yeah yeah motherfuckers

  22. Anon 21.11.18


  23. Anon 21.11.18

    Design of The Reef is cool but He is not rendered well yet. It will be better when movie come out.

  24. Anon 21.11.18


  25. Anon 21.11.18

    this is better than eric foreman's \"The Reef\"

  26. Anon 21.11.18

    Looks alri

  27. Anon 21.11.18

    The Reef estreme bolado mlk uuuuuuuu

  28. Anon 21.11.18

    Thank god he doesn’t look like that Spider Man 3 crap!

  29. Anon 21.11.18

    We are The Reef!!!\n\nߘߘߘߘߘߘ

  30. Anon 21.11.18

    I like Tom hardy in almost everything I've seen him in especially dark knight rises and peaky blinders and as a massive marvel fan I was dubious about this but I think this looks really good. Just one thing....\n\n\n\n\nThat accent lol

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