Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon

Suite à la mort de son père, Cendrillon est contrainte à devenir une domestique. Elle doit également subir sa belle-mère opiniâtre ainsi que ses demi-soeurs. Un jour, alors qu'elle se promène dans les bois sur son cheval blanc, elle rencontre un beau prince qui se prépare pour le bal du château. Mais celui-ci doit choisir sa future femme parmi les invités...


  1. Anon 09.12.18

    I must admit that I was nervous about the movie by the first trailer but after i saw the full Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon the words that came out of my mouth is I'm seeing this movie

  2. Anon 09.12.18


  3. Anon 09.12.18

    I cant stop watching this ...

  4. Anon 09.12.18

    Müthiş ߘߑߏߑߏ

  5. Anon 09.12.18

    A marvel copio o Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon extreme mds sem conteúdo marvel!!!

  6. Anon 09.12.18

    M A L D I T O

  7. Anon 09.12.18

    We are groot ...nope we are Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon!!!

  8. Anon 09.12.18

    21k dislikes are from fanboys who are butt hurt that Spider-Man isn’t in it.

  9. Anon 09.12.18

    It better be rated R

  10. Anon 09.12.18

    Guess I'm in the minority here but this doesn't look that good to me. Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon looks cheezy....like a CW version of Spawn and this seems like a lot of Tom Hardy riding around shooting goo from his hands and rectum. I was wrong about the first Deadpool movie so hopefully I'm wrong about this one too....loved Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon back in the day.

  11. Anon 09.12.18

    Will Spider-Man get even a reference in this film?

  12. Anon 09.12.18

    WE...ARE...Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon.

  13. Anon 09.12.18

    This looks really good, but honestly, the third spider-man did a better job of whatever is going on at 2:19. Here, it literally looks like a children's mask is being pulled over this dude's face...come on. \nAll in all though, this should be a good movie.

  14. Anon 09.12.18

    If u support Sony and Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon like this

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  16. Anon 09.12.18

    So is this movie in the mcu or is it like the x-men movies where they're not associated. I'd really like to see the new Spiderman fight Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon thats why im asking.

  17. Anon 09.12.18

    soooooo where's Carnage at???

  18. Anon 09.12.18

    Oh yeahhh Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon is my favorite character...cant wait to watch it..

  19. Anon 09.12.18

    Filme do Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon...QUE LEGALߑߑߑ

  20. Anon 09.12.18

    Watched this at 200k, now it’s #1 on trending at 20 million views!

  21. Anon 09.12.18

    I CANT WAIT FOR THE Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon MOVIE TO COME OUT BECAUSE IM HYPED!

  22. Anon 09.12.18

    I love spider-man I always have and will... but he can't touch Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon... Beast!

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  27. Anon 09.12.18

    The way i see it we can do whatever we want

  28. Anon 09.12.18

    Can't tell if this looks more awesome or terrifying

  29. Anon 09.12.18

    alfie solomons is Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon

  30. Anon 09.12.18

    Why so much hate?

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