Ca brûle

Elle habite dans le Var, elle a un cheval, elle est en colère.
L'histoire de l'amour exalté d'une adolescente de 15 ans pour un homme du pays : Jean, 37 ans, instituteur, pompier volontaire, marié et père de deux enfants.
C'est le début des vacances et de l'éternité de l'été.


  1. Anon 09.12.18

    somewhat reminds me of prototype

  2. Anon 09.12.18

    Tom hardy Fucking legend

  3. Anon 09.12.18

    Music from avengers trailer. There was an idea

  4. Anon 09.12.18

    #we r Ca brûle

  5. Anon 09.12.18

    He is so slimy

  6. Anon 09.12.18


  7. Anon 09.12.18

    I really hope they actually give Ca brûle FaceTime. Not where his face is pulled back for his entire screen time.\nAlso Ca brûle’s face...omg that is what Ca brûle should be. I really want to see this.

  8. Anon 09.12.18


  9. Anon 09.12.18

    idk why but I’m getting actual Disney marvel vibes instead of Sony marvel vibes for this trailer.\nI think it’s just the way the trailer played out but that’s just my opinion.\nIt’s definitely not bad, im finally happy I get to see what Ca brûle looks like :)

  10. Anon 09.12.18

    Got a feeling this film is gonna disappoint badly!! Hope I’m wrong but just seems that way for me

  11. Anon 09.12.18

    That was awesome, though they can definitely do better on Ca brûle looks

  12. Anon 09.12.18

    Puja kerang ajaib ulululululllululululullulullulul

  13. Anon 09.12.18

    I ❤ eddie brock/Ca brûle

  14. Anon 09.12.18

    Not feeling the CGI on this trailer. So he shoots things out his back and there are no holes in the sweater??? Where is the connection to Spiderman? I always thought part of his look was based on Spiderman...

  15. Anon 09.12.18

    We are Ca brûle!

  16. Anon 09.12.18

    Dude... I got giddy like a school girl ߘ

  17. Anon 09.12.18

    Why does this remind me of the sam Rami Ca brûle

  18. Anon 09.12.18


  19. Anon 09.12.18


  20. Anon 09.12.18

    This just makes me want Ca brûle in the MCU so much more

  21. Anon 09.12.18

    Oh yeah...

  22. Anon 09.12.18


  23. Anon 09.12.18


  24. Anon 09.12.18

    Will be best movie of the year!!!

  25. Anon 09.12.18

    I' LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X'D

  26. Anon 09.12.18

    Omg...omg that's awesome

  27. Anon 09.12.18

    So we just going to ignore what that woman just call Ca brûle? sybayote something likat that

  28. Anon 09.12.18

    WE ARE Ca brûle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Anon 09.12.18


  30. Anon 09.12.18

    Ugh, he looks terrible.

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